Dalida - Paroles

Not so much the voice, though Alain Delon's accent is mesmerizing.  The lyrics.....good one !!!

Will post the lyrics in english, have not been able to locate a good source.


George Wassouf - Salaf wa dain

I was delighted to discover this song of Wassouf.  I used to like his soprano voice.  His adult voice does not hold that magic for me, however I don't mind listening to him.  
Souce: youtube

Fairuz - Kifak Inta

Took me a while to get used to Fairuz's voice, but once I let myself be sucked into her voice, now I cannot stop listening to her.  Shukran Souna, malla inta !!!
Source: Youtube





Baba - Remi Bendali

Recently, I was sent a clip by a friend about this cuppy cakes song.  I have filed it under english for those who are interested.  There is something so fascinating about kids voices - nothing so sweet or angelic as theirs exist on this earth.  Anyway this song  from a Lebanese child artiste has always been one of my favourites.
Source: Youtube
RemiBendali site: http://www.remibendali.net/

Maraindhu Irundhu Paarkum.....

This is one of my favourite songs which showcases Bharatha Natiyam - the classical dance of South India.  It is a clip from an old movie, probably as old as me but which  never ceases to fascinate me.  Both the lead movie stars are renowned for their thespian skills, with the actress winning several awards for her classical dance talent off-stage as well.  Both have passed away in the last decade, but still thanks to technology, their  silver screen charm and talent is still available for the world to see.  

The video clip is about this talented musician who sneaks away to watch his rival, who excels in her field of dance.   They have an upcoming competition where they have both agreed to pit their talents against each other.  However chemistry (these stars rumoured to be off-screen lovers as well) plays havoc with their competing nature and they fall heavily for each other despite the odds stacked against them.  Apart from the impressive dancing talent, I like the scenes where she displays Navarasam, the nine moods - Love, Anger, Fear, Revulsion, Calmness, Wonder, Humour, Courage and Grief and where she cheekily calls upon his name "Shanmuga".  Equally fascinating are his facial expressions of smugness when he hears her words of adulation for him and his mock rage when she calls out his name.  

Source:  Youtube

A classical dancer myself, I have always had dreams of dancing to this song on stage...  someday perhaps !!!